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Finding tweets by source or device

How to use [source:] operator to search for tweets by specific device or source

Twitter reactivated “tweet source label” feature in Dec 2018 :


I was looking at advanced Twitter search page because I needed to search for tweets posted by a specific source. Also, I found this description on Twitter help without any details on how to use it in search:


Also, a link to list of common third-party sources: https://partners.twitter.com/en/find-a-partner.html

Then I found Twitter search home page with a list of operators can be used in search including tweet source.

Searching by tweet source label

To search for tweets by a specific source, add source: to your search keywords

news source:TwitterFeed Search for tweets containing news and entered via TwitterFeed

To exclude a source, add - before source:

news -source:TwitterFeed Search for tweets containing news and not entered via TwitterFeed

To reveal tweet source on a desktop browser (web), add m. in URL before twitter.com :


List of tested sources

I started testing & searching random tweets for sources :


  • iPhone > source:“Twitter for iPhone”
  • iPhone* > source:iOS (used to capture all Tweets sent from within iOS7)
  • Android > source:“Twitter for Android”
  • iPad > source:“Twitter for iPad”
  • Mac > source:“Twitter for Mac”
  • Windows Phone > source:“Twitter for Windows Phone”

Twitter Apps :

  • Twitter Ads > source:“Twitter Ads Composer”
  • Tweetdeck > source:Tweetdeck
  • Twitter.com > source:web (the Twitter web)
  • Twitter.com > source:“Twitter Web Client”
  • Twitter.com > source:“Twitter Web App”

Third-party Apps :

  • Hootsuite > source:Hootsuite
  • Seesmic > source:seesmic
  • Buffer > source:buffer
  • IFTTT > source:IFTTT
  • SocialFlow > source:SocialFlow
  • Epsilon > source:Epsilon
  • Instagram > source:Instagram
  • Facebook > source:Facebook
  • Echofon > source:Echofon

Unknown sources :

These labels are resulting in unrecognized sources

  • source:Microsoft
  • source:iPhone
  • source:Android
  • source:iPad
  • source:Mac
  • source:Linux
  • source:apple

Tools to Analysis Profile to find sources

If you want to Analysis sources from one account you can use tools like:

Manipulating the source [Not Tested]

If you are interested in manipulating the source you can use Tweepy API but this will required a twitter developer account.


Is it valuable ?

I was able to use tweet source label in my case to find how my target used his twitter account, he was using Facebook which led me to try to find his Facebook account by searching Facebook using the same words from his tweet .


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